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Updated: you now have until April 26th to submit a paper.

LABBEC 2019, Learning analytics: Building bridges between the Education and the Computing communities The Educational Data Mining (EDM) and Learning Analytics (LA) fields have generated a wealth of research over the last decade, including two yearly conferences and two scientific journals. This workshop aims to foster the dissemination of this research to the education community.  It will bring together researchers and practitioners to share their perspective on how this research has impacted the education field, and assess what lays ahead. Among the questions we wish to address is whether the two communities have a common perspective of the LA and EDM fields, and whether their expectations converge toward a common set of requirements.  We also would like to address the perceived contributions of LA/EDM to the Educational community and to the Technology Enhanced Learning field, including MOOCs and the range of applications that foster means of self-driven learning. Topics of interest, while not limited to, are:

  • Expectations of the educational community towards EDM
  • Role of psychometrics in EDM and vice-versa
  • EDM tools and methods in education
  • Statistical learning methods in psychometrics
  • Research divide between EDM and education and psychometrics
  • Obstacles to dissemination between communities
  • EDM in the education curriculum

This half-day workshop is the second edition of LABBEC, the first one being held at ITS2018. It will be part of the EDM2019 conference in Montreal on July 2.


  • Full Papers — 4000-6000 words. Should describe original, substantive, mature, and unpublished work.
  • Short Papers — 2400-4000 words. Should describe original, unpublished work. This includes early stage, less developed works in progress.
  • Student short papers. 1200-2000 words. Should describe an aspect of the graduate/postgraduate student’s research that relates to the general theme of the LABBEC workshop.
  • Demos. 1200-2000 words. Should describe a system, tool or prototype demonstrating an application of EDM or LA.

All papers should be formatted according to the EDM conference template:

and should be submitted to EasyChair at: Accepted submissions will be published in

Important dates

Papers submission April 26, 2019
Acceptance notification May 1, 2019
Final camera ready version May 20, 2019
Workshop date July 2, 2019


The workshop will be hosted by EDM2019 in Montreal, Canada.  Details about accomodations can be found at the main conference site.


All the organizers are members of the GRIÉMÉtic, a research group specialized in educational measurement using information technologies:

  • Sébastien Béland is a young professor at Université de Montréal, connected with the international community of researchers in psychometrics.
  • Iris Bourgault Bouthillier is a Ph.D. student in educational measurement at Université de Montréal.
  • Michel Desmarais is a professor at Polytechnique Montreal, associate editor of the Journal of Educational Data Mining and founding member of the EDM Society.
  • Guillaume Loignon is a Ph.D. student in educational measurement at Université de Montréal.
  • Nathalie Loye is a professor at Université de Montréal and the head of GRIÉMÉtic.

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