Ressource pour l’écriture scientifique

Writing a scientific article: A step-by-step guide for beginners

Par F. Ecarnot M-F. Seronde R.Chopard F.Schiele & N.Meneveau (2015)

Voici un article qui traite de l’écriture scientifique pour les débutants.

Résumé (en anglais):

Many young researchers find it extremely difficult to write scientific articles, and few receive specific training in the art of presenting their research work in written format. Yet, publication is often vital for career advancement, to obtain funding, to obtain academic qualifications, or for all these reasons. We describe here the basic steps to follow in writing a scientific article. We outline the main sections that an average article should contain; the elements that should appear in these sections, and some pointers for making the overall result attractive and acceptable for publication.