CAME 2020 Webinar Series

CAME invites you to join us for our webinar sessions, designed to bring practical, evidence and experience based advice to Canadian health educators. The webinars are delivered by CAME using the Zoom platform, allowing full audio and visual communication and interaction between presenter and participants. The webinars offer an exciting opportunity to engage online with an expert and with colleagues in a live discussion on a key topic in medical education. 

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This webinar will be delivered in French on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

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Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2020 – This webinar will be delivered in French

Presentation: 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST

Title: Transcend opinion: Document the quality of your assessments using a contemporary approach to validity

Presenter: Dr Jean-Sébastien Renaud, Université Laval

Biography: Jean-Sébastien Renaud is an associate professor at the Université Laval Faculty of Medicine, with a PhD in Measurement and Evaluation from the same institution. Previously Director of Assessment for the Associate Dean of Education and Continuing Professional Development (2012 to 2018), he is now Director of the Graduate Program in Health Science Education. His teaching and research focus on the development and validation of assessment tools in health science education. He is also the Canadian editor of the journal Mesure et évaluation en éducation.

Description: Evaluation is a constant throughout medical education. Whether the stakes are high or low, assessment, in various forms, is present from the admissions process to continuing professional development (e.g., Multiple Mini Interviews, exams, OSCE, in-training evaluation reports, certification exams). Those responsible for these evaluations (e.g., clinical teachers, admissions committees, program directors, residency directors) often wonder how best to judge their quality. How can one transcend opinion and rigorously assess the quality of assessments?

With the help of examples, this webinar will explain how to judge the quality of an assessment using the contemporary approach to validity proposed in Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (2014).

Objectives: By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the concepts of validity and validation
  • Describe the five types of validity evidence used to document the quality of an assessment
  • Name the factors that can influence the validity of an assessment
  • Discuss criticisms of the contemporary view of validity


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How to Participate 
Once registered, the CAME office will contact you with details on how to join the webinar. During the webinar you can sit back and enjoy the presentation and discussion online through a broadband internet connection. 

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The CAME webinar series is designed to bring practical, evidence- and experience-based advice to Canadian health educators. The webinars offer an exciting opportunity to engage online with and expert and with colleagues in a live discussion on a key topic in medical education. Some sessions will be offered in English, others in French. Sessions will be presented by experienced Canadian educators who will discuss key issues and considerations for educators and teachers striving to optimize learning for their students. During every webinar, 10-15 minutes will be reserved for questions and answers. The overall aims of the webinar series are to enable Canadian health educators to: 
• list some contemporary challenges and solutions in health education 
• consider how these solutions may be useful in their education/teaching activities. 

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